Friday, June 10, 2011

bells on

Over the past 24 hours my Elijah has gotten to do the following:

  1. ride a trackhoe
  2. ride a bobcat front loader
  3. watch the pool men unload a semi truck full of supplies
  4. pick blueberries
  5. pick raspberries
  6. dig in the dirt
  7. plant flowers
  8. swim naked
  9. eat cookies and watermelon for supper
  10. spend the night at Grandma's house
  11. play t-ball with me
  12. eat a Georgia peach (YUMMMM)
  13. watch How It's Made
  14. drink sweet sun tea
  15. play trains
  16. spend the day with his Grandma Debby, Grandpa Dan, and Great-Grandma Theresa "putzing" around the yard
  17. go to Home Depot

Basically, he's living the dream.

All the things are in place now to begin work on the pool. The guys are going to break ground and start digging tomorrow bright and early. We'll be there with bells on (and camera in hand), you'd better believe it!

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