Sunday, May 22, 2011

If there was an excitement font I'd use it here.

Biggest topic of discussion 'round these parts...

THE POOL my parents are putting in! I mean seriously, I have not seen this level of excitement in my family since... I don't know, um, EVER! My mom has only been planning, and gathering up swatches, finding pictures for her "idea book", drawing sketches, and planting trees for this very occasion for over 30 years! We're not sure exactly when the work will begin, but it will be within a month. Which means it should be done by Zeke's birthday! Woohoo!

Friday night the boys and I stayed the night at my parents' house so we could be there bright and early Saturday morning. It was the first day any real work was done with the pool in mind. My Grandparents came over with their chainsaw and Grandpa helped Dad cut down an ugly maple tree that was in a bad spot, plus trim the low branches on the oak by the patio. Then they took down the fence by the basketball court (which will be used as part of the patio for the pool), moved the baby's swing to another branch, transplanted some flowers, and dug up the monkey grass by the basketball court.

My Elijah squealed and jumped excitedly when the branches of the trees came crashing down. He yelped and shouted "Tiiiimmmberrrrrrrrrrrr" every single time! So cute! He was a big helper too; moving branches to the burn pile and using his little wheel-barrel to move the logs. That kid is awesome!

After the work was done I made them all pose in the spot which will very soon house the POOL and pretend they were swimming. In a few months I'll take another one of them all actually in the water! What fun that will be.

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Kristen McG said...

so so fun!! I'm jealous... but really excited for you guys!!