Tuesday, May 24, 2011

If i'taint one thing, its a daggone 'nother.

Tooth number 4 is finally through! My poor baby Zeke has had a terrible time with it! (top left central incisor)

He was miserable for almost a week! He ran a fever for 5 days, cried NON-STOP, barely napped without being held, and didn't sleep all night for almost the entire time. Plus he didn't really want to eat, had a snotty nose, cough, and kept pulling on his ears.

Then Sunday I noticed a strange rash on his back and tummy -it looked almost like sandpaper, but red. I took him to the Dr. yesterday and he was diagnosed with 4 lovely conditions... 1) Roseola, 2) Fifths disease, 3) Allergies, 4) Teething.

The first 2 are common in infants and transmitted mostly through mucus. Who knows where he could have picked them up! But there is no treatment since they are viruses. They just run their course, about 5-7 days. The Dr. said when the fever breaks that's when the rash comes out, which is why I noticed it Sunday and not before then.

The allergies and teething explain the snotty nose and cough. Again, nothing we can do for that because of his age. We'll just keep giving pain relievers and fever reducers as needed. My poor guy. I'll sure be glad when this jag is over.

I have noticed he's eating a little better in the last 16 hours and seems not to be so cranky. I just hope we're on the last leg of this.

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