Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dinner time noise.

Elijah doesn't eat much. (he takes after his Grandma in that) He'll go several days surviving only on spoons full of peanut butter, carrots, and popcorn. He's just too busy to be bothered with food. It seems like I have to force him on those days to put a morsel in his mouth. Then about every third day he's on an eating frenzy.

Yesterday and the day before I think he opened his mouth for a bite maybe half a dozen times. By supper last night I was desperate. I bribed him with Nutella. For every 5 bites of corn on the cob he ate he could have 1 vanilla wafer with Nutella on it. He took the bait and ended up finishing almost a whole ear! I call that success. We take baby steps. :)

Zeke, however, devoured the corn! (Yet another evidence that my boys are polar opposites!) I gave him my almost-finished cob to gnaw on. He loved it! So much, in fact, that he grunted and squealed his way through the meal. And sucked the thing dry. Zeke was making such a ruckus, banging the corn on his try and voicing his delight, that at one point the rest of us couldn't hear each other talk around the table.

Poor Elijah was trying to tell a story. He kept having to repeat himself and became exasperated, speaking louder and louder. Finally he threw his hands in the air, turned to Zeke, pointed at him sharply and said "sh" (The way Cesar Milan does to his dogs... the way we do to our dogs when they get too excited or noisy.) Zeke quieted for half a second, then resumed his cacophony. Mom and I had to restrain our laughter over Elijah's attempt.

It works with the dogs, after all. Little brothers... not so much.

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