Friday, March 11, 2011

Ezekiel is 8 months old

My Zekers is finally (dare I say it) over his croup and RSV. Bless him, he's been so sweet even though he's felt like poo. Elijah had it too, but at least I was able to medicate him a little more until it ran its course. I just HATE when my babies cry and ache... and keep everyone up all night. One night last week Ezekiel felt so terrible and congested that he didn't fall asleep until 5:30 am! Talk about a long night! Manny and I took shifts rocking and walking around with him, just trying to soothe him so he wouldn't cry. Then just as soon as he conked out, Elijah woke up feeling yucky too. I barely remember the next day because I was a walking zombie.

I finally caved and took Zeke to the doctor last week. She prescribed him an oral steroid (prednizone) to help w/the respiratory issues. It worked. I hate giving kids medication. But due to the fact that he's going to be put under general anesthesia in a few weeks with a tube down his throat (I shudder at the thought!) we wanted to make very sure his lungs are strong and healthy. And they are now.

He turned 8 months old this week. At weight check he was 19 pounds, 6 ounces. And I think 28 1/2 inches long. Due to being sick he dropped 6 ounces in the past 2 weeks. However, I'm not concerned about his weight because he's a chubba-wumba to begin with.

Yesterday he got his second tooth. The lower, right central incisor.

In other news, we're still giving him cereal and baby food at least twice a day. The other night after a bowl of rice with apple/blueberries he still seemed interested in food so I gave him some of what we were having... boiled potatoes (he LOVED them!), boiled carrots, and a hotdog (in stead of kielbasa like the rest of us). He didn't really eat the hotdog, but he sure enjoyed gnawing on it. The next night, after having his baby food, I gave him my pizza crust to chew on. He really loves his puffs and cheerios too. But I think he finds "people" food way more interesting!

It's funny how different things are with Ezekiel compared to Elijah. When Elijah was a baby I never let him have any salt, sugar, or processed food of any kind before he was a year old. And even then I was really stingy with anything he put in his mouth. Now Zeke is 8 months old and already had a pickle, a hotdog, and pizza crust. At least I'm not giving him oreos... yet. :)

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