Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Little Gems

Oh Elijah. Funny, funny Elijah.

On Friday night we were at my parents' house. Mom went out to the garage for something and while she was out there she got a bloody nose. She called to Elijah, who was watching her from the back door, "Quick Elijah, run and get Grandma a tissue. My nose is bleeding." To which he replied in a very loud and authoritative tone "Grandma, remain calm!".

Yesterday we were looking out my bedroom window at Elijah's playhouse in the side yard. His view was obstructed by some tree limbs, which are about 20 feet off the ground. He asked, "Can Daddy go cut those branches down so I can see my playhouse better?" "No, honey." I said, "Those branches are pretty high up. I don't think Daddy can reach them." "Oh, that's ok, he can stand on his tippy toes and use his chain saw." But when I told him "Well, actually Daddy doesn't have a chain saw", he broke down and cried. "But Mom, everyone needs a chain saw!"

He was recently playing with my coupon book, looking at all the pictures and pretending to read the words. He got finished, closed the book, looked up at me and said "Boy Mom, there sure are a lot of discounts in here."

At the grocery store the other day we were picking out some produce. Elijah really wanted some blueberries but I told him no because they are too expensive when they're not in season. He accepted that answer and moved on. We picked up several fruits and discussed whether each one was "in season" right now. Apples... yes. Strawberries... no. Pears... yes. Bananas... yes. Peaches... no. Then we made our way through the rest of the store. When we came to the snack asile he asked "Mom, are cokes in season?". Umm, no. :)

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