Monday, January 17, 2011

On vomiting and other stuff:

So, Elijah projectile vomited all over my Mom's floor this morning. I wasn't there to witness the event (bummer) but Mom said that he's fine. Afterward he said "What was that Grandma?" and went back to playing trains. Go figure.

Let's see. I have a few more stories to share. Where to start?...

Elijah had a severe allergic reaction to some Bert's Bees baby lotion the other night. His entire body looks like he has a sunburn... bright red, hot to the touch, bumpy, and [he says] very painful. My poor baby boy! I feel so guilty because I'm the one who put the lotion on him. Here I thought I was helping his dry skin feel better, then in the middle of the night he woke up sobbing in pain. It just makes me want to cry.

In less horrible news...

My husband took a new full-time position at work. He had been technically part-time since he started there in July. It's still the same pay, but now he'll be getting benefits, 2 weeks paid time off, 401K and all that. Plus, he'll only work daytimes Monday through Friday and every 4th Saturday now. Yay for having family time in the evening! He's actually kind of bummed because it's sort of like getting demoted to a lower position. But I feel like as long as the pay is at least the same it's ok. We really are hoping and praying for something to open up on our side of town. This 50 minute drive is killing us on the gas budget!

On Friday night Manny was working late, so the boys and I went to our favorite Mexican place with my parents. I mention this because it was a pretty big milestone for Elijah. He was such a big boy! First he got to sit on the chair without a booster (he must be getting taller!). Then he ordered his drink all by himself, even thanked the server and told her he was "so so thirsty" when she brought it to him. Then he asked her very politely "Um, uh, may I have some kid salsa please?" And when it was time to order food he did that by himself too. You should have heard the way he asked for his chicken fingers and broccoli, in stead of french fries - with no salt. I was so proud! She understood him and didn't even have to look to me for translation. And better yet, he ate every single bite on his plate! Afterward my dad, in a stroke of insanity, ordered fried ice cream, which we all shared. My favorite part was seeing Elijah's eyes go wide when he saw them bring it to the table and sit it right in front of him! Naturally he ate the biggest portion!

Elijah now weighs 33 pounds.

I have a stupid nagging cough and tightness in my chest that's driving me bonkers.

I've been snacking on homemade chex mix and dried cherries all morning. Now I have a tummy ache too.

I'm about to go home to my boys and the puke-fest (pray Zeke stays germ free!) right after I stop at the drug store for some nausea medicine. Do they make it for kids? Let the good times roll.

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brindletribe said...

I've been floored with how big my girls are getting too.
my goodness time flies when you're having fun ^_^