Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy St. Nick's Day and whatever else

Not that we celebrate it or anything. Last night I told Elijah about stockings, and that even though traditionally stockings are opened today, we're going to open ours on Christmas morning (or maybe Eve - we'll see). We talked about what he might like to find in his stocking. He told me he'd like an orange, some strawberry gum, some french fries, and something with wheels. I think I can do all but the fries.

Then last night out of the blue he informed me "Mommy, when I grow up I'm going to be an engineer. And a helicopter pilot." That's my boy! "Wonderful," I told him, "Daddy and I will support you no matter what you chose to do, as long as you go to college!"

Next Sunday evening my little boy is set to make his on-stage debut in the church children's choir concert. He and the other pre-schoolers will be singing "Gospel Bells" and "God loved us and sent His son". You better believe I'll be front and center- video camera in one hand, kleenex in the other!! Sniff, sniff.

Zeke learned how to bounce in the Jump-A-Roo last night! He's been playing in it for a few weeks now. But last night was the first time he really jumped in it. (The best part is that I caught the moment on video!) Mostly he just rocks back and forth while trying to somehow fit the toys into his mouth.

Today he rolled from his tummy to his back for the first time. Mom was babysitting while I was at work. She put him down for his nap on his tummy and discovered him in the crib talking to himself a few minutes later laying on his back.

He also is working on another new trick... the one where he arches his back and twists his body around like he's about to roll from his back to his tummy too! What? Its too soon, I know! And when he has tummy time he scoots his little butt into the air like he's fixin to get up on all fours! No, I say! Stay my little baby for a while longer! He's just 4 months old - much too young to even be thinking about being mobile. But if there's one thing he's not, it's little. This kid is a haus. He has two hamhock legs and the cutest, roundest, chubbiest cheeks ever. And he's got his Daddy's huge mouth and perfect lips. They are beautiful - so rosie and kissable. He has laughter (and other happy sounds) that just melt your heart. Last night I put him in bed and listened for a good 15 minutes while he cooed to himself before falling asleep. I think he likes the sound of his voice.

I could go on and on about how much I love my boys! What wonderful treasures I've been given. Every day I get to know them, I somehow love them more. What a happy thing it is to be a Mommy.

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