Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A tree-lighting, pie-making kind of day

On Saturday morning my Mom, Grandma, and I were supposed to have gone to a ladies breakfast at church. But due to a combination of me feeling yucky (from shingles, remember?) and lacking someone to watch the boys (Manny was working), we made it a stay-at-home day. We all went over to my parents' house and enjoyed the day together.

First things first! Elijah walked (no ran) in the door and immediately informed my dad that they were putting lights on the tree. Do not delay! Man, I love that little boy! He's so full of life, and curiosity, and loves to help, and work on projects, and LOVES his Grandpa! The anticipation of helping Grandpa with the lights almost killed him. He was practically running in circles around the tree, jumping, wiggling, and repeatedly wiping drool from his mouth (yeah, he drools when he's really excited!). It took everything in him not to mess with the piles of wound up twinkling lights as my Dad was trying to get them untangled and ready to go.

When it came time to help, he knew just what to do... hold the strand of lights, carefully handing my Dad more when he ran out. I wish I could bottle his enthusiasm and sell it in beverage form! I'd make a killing. :) He had a blast!

So while the guys lit the tree, the girls made pies... Apple, Pecan, and Apple-upside-down pie. I didn't help much (see above excuses + I had to nurse the baby). But I sure did enjoy watching, smelling, and sampling the results though.

Zeke even pitched in a bit... by chewing on the cooling racks. Oh yeah, and guess what else Zeke did! He played in his jump-a-roo and loved it! He's done it a few times before, but kind of got fussy right away. This time he had fun. Plus his newest awesome trick is "singing". He makes the sweetest squealing noise when he's trying to communicate with us. It sounds so much like singing. I love it!! I'm going to get it on video soon, I hope.

Elijah made his very own apple pie (with the help of Grandma Debby). He rolled out the dough, put the apples in, cut out the apple shape for on top, and painted it with milk to make it pretty. He beamed with pride over his little pie. But he didn't even taste it. Too busy with other stuff at Grandma's house to be bothered with eating.

It was a great day. And now we're all looking forward to Thanksgiving when we'll get together again to cook, eat, decorate the tree.

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