Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thankful For: my Mom on a sick Satruday

Everyone in my house has colds. I can't take anything that works because I'm nursing. Ezekiel can't have anything other than tyle.nol. So we are pretty much just toughing it out. Manny worked all day yesterday so I took the boys and spent the day at my parents' house. I'm so thankful that 1) they live so close, 2) they entertained Elijah for a good 3 hours while I rested, and 3) that my mom had a big pot of home-made chicken noodle soup waiting for me when I woke up!! Moms always know what to do.

Elijah has officially changed his name to Thomas. Zeke is now Percy, Mom is Edward, Manny is Sir Toppam Hat, and I am Lady. He told Manny last night "I'm not Elijah any more. I'm only Thomas." So he's been making us call him by his new name. The funny part is when he wants to address me he says "Hey Lady, can you get me some milk." or whatever. I'm just glad strangers don't hear it and think he's calling his Mom "Lady". It sounds funny.

A house down the road from my parents already has their Christmas tree and stuff up. Every time we drive by Elijah asks "Is it Christmas time yet?". I keep telling him we have to have Thanksgiving first. But something tells me we'll be getting the decorations out early this year. He's just so excited for it.

Manny has to work until 8:00 tonight so I'm gearing up for a long day with the boys again. We're skipping church so we don't spread our germs to the other kiddos. Wish me luck. This should be interesting.

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Jilli said...

Tee hee! We are quite familiar with name changes. Mia is always Millie, Marty is Gio and I am Bot. (Team Umizoomi) :)