Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pink Line(s)?

Yesterday I stopped and picked up a pregnancy test on the way home. Then almost the second I got in the door I put it to work. However, in my haste I skipped an important step, which rendered the test invalid. Oh, the unbearable frustration! So in stead of getting the answer to the looming question, all I did was cause myself to have to wait another whole day to find out! You guys know how hard this anticipation can be.

So today I stopped again on my way home. This time I bought two of them, for good measure. Then I was careful to follow all of the instructions to a T. And I am thrilled... no I'm beyond thrilled to report to you that there was...


Hallelujah is like the world's biggest understatement! Not that I wouldn't welcome another little person into our lives. Or that I wouldn't trust in the Lord's good and Sovereign plan. I'm just super glad this is what He has (or doesn't have) for us right now. So there you go. For those of you who were about to die of anticipation. ;)

Now I'm off to enjoy a baked sweet potato and grilled pork chops for supper. Ummm.

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