Wednesday, October 27, 2010

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I feel like life moves so fast lately, whirling around me like a fog, that I can't even grasp what's happening until it's over. It seems Summer has ended totally without my permission (again!) and I'm not sure what happened to the month of October yet. But I know I have some major catching up to do. Let me point out some highlights... (I feel like all I write are weekly "newsletters" these days! ugh!)

- My Mom had a birthday. I took her and my Grandma to dinner at that yummy Mediterranean place where Manny took me for my birthday. Man, that place is delish! If you live in the Evansville area, you should go. Really. Also my Grandma and I worked for several days making her a beautiful fall wreath (if I do say so myself - and I do) with pretty foliage, gourds, and stuff. I love how it turned out and it looks so pretty hanging on her back door. :)

- Elijah is learning to read. He's getting better and better all the time. Recognizing letters, sounds, and some small words. I'm proud of him.

- He's also surprising me all the time with how much he learns. Sometimes I don't even know I'm teaching him. Just the other day he quoted a scripture verse to Ezekiel that I didn't even know he memorized. I had just been telling him "Put away all falsehood and speak the truth to each other" as part of our daily conversations (he was having a hard time telling the truth for a few days.) and he just picked it up. It's a good reminder that these little minds are constantly soaking up everything around them! Mommies, don't forget that!!

- And Zeke... oh my sweet, snuggly, chubby, adorable Zeke. There's not really much to report at his age. He's 15 weeks old now. His recent milestones include: locating and devouring his fists, working on some teeth (yes, already!), drooling like a faucet, cooing, giggling, and making all sorts of other awesome baby sounds- especially when we talk to him, sleeping about 11 hours at night, eating (8 oz.) every 3 hours in the daytime. And strong - oh this kid is really strong! When I lift him by the hands from a laying position, he pushes up to his feet to a standing position on his own! I'm telling you, I'm afraid he's going to be an early mover! He's just so wonderful - a true blessing! I can't say enough how much I love him and how happy I am to be Mommy to this amazing little guy!

All in all he's healthy, thriving, and gaining weight like crazy! I don't know his weight right now since we haven't been to the Dr. in over a month. At the risk of oversharing, we have an appointment with a pediatric urologist to check about that undescended testicle in February. I wondered why they would wait so long to see him. 3 reasons: 1) that's the earliest available appointment because this Dr. only comes down from Riley every few months. 2) they want to see if it descends on its own. 3) if he does need surgery, they want him to be 6 months old first. It's not a huge deal, but I'm slightly concerned. As any mom would be.

- Manny interviewed for another position at his company yesterday. He said it went very well and he feels like he impressed them. They asked him to have a 2nd interview today with the next higher manager. I'm hopeful because I know he's qualified for the job, plus the pay would be more than double and the hours would be consistently 9:00-6:00 on weekdays. It would be so nice to add some order to our lives! The Lord knows what we need and I trust that He will do what's best for us.

- We've been having full-on Fall loveliness here. Leaves a hundred brilliant shades of red, orange, and yellow. We're enjoying the cooler weather and lower humidity. Elijah has been spending tons of time outdoors - making the most of the sunshine before winter (my tummy hurts just saying it) hits us full force.

Ok. Enough of the babbling. I'm outta here... taking the boys to spend the afternoon with my Grandma on this gorgeous perfect Fall day!

(photos of our recent fall activities soon to come!)

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