Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Last night before bed Elijah and I played a reading game. We had an extra hour to spend together before I needed to feed Zeke, which rarely happens. So I spread a blanket out on the floor and lined the edges with a dozen books. I told him we could read them all and when we were done it would be bedtime. He got to pick which ones he wanted in what order. Then for a whole hour we sat cross-legged on the floor, read, and talked about everything in the world. (He's chatty.)

But when it was time to get up my back ached. So I laid myself flat out on the floor to stretch. I moaned and my bones literally creaked. Elijah rushed to my side, "What's wrong Mommy?" "Oh", I said, "I'm just getting old." And without missing a beat he replied "It's ok. I guess Daddy will have to get a new Mommy or something."

Speaking of reading. My mom bought the boys Your Baby Can Read (as seen on TV... but she didn't get it on TV. She found it on sale at wal.mart). I normally don't buy in to stuff like that, but a few weeks ago a lady came into our office with her 18 month old daughter. The girl was READING - I mean, really reading whole paragraphs. And it wasn't memorization or sight-reading either. My mom handed her a big kid book she'd never seen before and she really read it. They started her on the program when she was 6 months and it worked! Her mom said she was speaking in full sentences before she was a year old and was reading before a year and a half. Amazing! So we're going to use it with Elijah starting now. And we'll start Zeke with it when he's 6 months. I'll let you know how that works out.

I think Elijah will learn it quickly because he's already moving in that direction. A few days ago we were drawing with sidewalk chalk and he asked me to write something. So I wrote -M-... he identified the letter. Then I wrote -O-... he identified that. Then another -M-. Then he said, "That says M-O-M. Mom." It was the first word he's read beside his own name! So I know he has the concept for reading already (which he should since he's 3 now!).

It finally rained here in southern Indiana!! Woohoo! Normally I would be cheering for sunny days, but since it's SO dry here -- crunchy grass, cracks in the ground, West-Texas dry -- we needed a little waterin'. Now maybe my trees and flowers won't die.

Also, I'm working on posting some more fall pictures. Is there a way to post a slideshow in stead of each individual photo? More to come later today...

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