Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Autumn Activities

ON SATURDAY MORNING Elijah's eyes opened at 6:30 am. At 6:31 I heard the following: "Mom! Is it time for the hayride yet?!" "No son, not until this afternoon." 30 seconds later: "Is time it now?" (and so on, and on, and on for 7 hours!)

Bless him, the anticipation nearly caused a nervous breakdown (for both of us). Saturday afternoon could not come soon enough! Because that's when our (huge) family held a Fall Family Reunion at my aunt and uncle's place. Oh what fun indeed!

There was bobbing for apples. Elijah was too chicken for that.

Jumping in giant piles of fallen leaves.

A pinata with, you guessed it, tons of teeth-rotting sticky goodness!

Running, running, and more running with cousins galore.

A chili cook-off. We use the word "cook-off" lightly since there was no judging, no winner, and no prize. Except for my happy mouth and full tummy, if that counts. Seriously, there was so much food! We could have fed another one hundred hungry tummies. Oh, uncle Bob's smoked pork butt = looooove. And I've never seen so many apple concocted goodies before - crisps, pies, cakes, cobblers, caramel covered apples. Boo-ya.

Then the grand poobah (is that how you spell it?) of course was the hayride on uncle David's John Deere! My son was in heaven! I don't know how many times they went down trail into the woods and up and down the hills, but I barely saw him all day. Uncle David is now his hero because he even let Elijah drive it. -- DRIVE IT -- And raise the scoop in the front. Hot dog!

So yeah, it was a super awesome day for Elijah! He hated to see the sun go down, telling us it was time to head home. The sugar high wore off around 7:30 and he crashed! Sticky face, dirt-covered hands and all. I carried my sleepy boy up to his bed, slipped off his dusty shoes, and kissed him goodnight. Just before I heard him whisper to me something about doing it all again tomorrow.

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