Wednesday, September 1, 2010

This lazy summer day

Today was spent enjoying the company of my boys. Wanna hear all about it? Ok. Good.

After getting a nice 8 hours of sleep (can I get a whoot?! Way to go Ezekiel!!), I woke up and fed my baby. His favorite meal is milk, milk, and more milk! Then I changed a gigantic poopy diaper, and put him in his cute navy and white striped romper. My favorite part is the lion on the butt.

Then I convinced my husband to take 10 minutes with the kids so I could shower. I smelled like day-old breastmilk, sweat, and spit-up. Not a pretty combo. Turns out the hot water was almost gone. Here's why... When the weather is mild (which it has been recently - especially at night) we use our attic fan in stead of air conditioning. The down side to this is that the windflow through the stairwell (where the water heater is located) blows out the pilot light sometimes. We never know this until we're trying to use the hot water, of course. Which causes a bit of grumbling on my part. So the shower turned out to be a pretty quick one, even with Elijah joining me. No problem. I'm now a pro at lightning-fast bathing! I may not have my legs shaved, but by George, I'm clean!

After the coolish shower Elijah and I got dressed and ate breakfast. Grapenuts.

Then at lunch time we drove to town. I say "town" because that's what we country folks call it. We "go to town" to the Wal-Mart, or the grocery, or to work, or whatever. So there we were, going to town to meet my Mom for a lunch date. Before I had Ezekiel she promised Elijah that one day she would take him for french fries and a milkshake, then have a picnic lunch at the "red bridge". The red bridge is where we took Ragon's senior pictures and where we went to see the fireworks on the 4th of July. It's just a walking bridge over Pigeon Creek but Elijah loves to stand there and watch the river and the heavy machinery at the quarry load giant dump trucks and barges with stones. So this outing was long-awaited and turned out to be all he had anticipated and more! We hit the Big Top drive-in (the place could totally be on Diners Drive-ins and Dives) for greasy food and shakes, then down to the bridge to eat, then we took a nice walk, saw barges, firetrucks, mega dumptrucks, a train, cranes, fishing boats, and a tugboat, then cooled off in the sprinklers before heading back to drop off my Mom.

After the outing my boys were both ready for naps. I was too, but I spent the free 2 hours doing housework. Boo to that!

Afterward we went to my parents' house and visited for the evening. Elijah and I played ball in their back yard. He loves it when I "whoosh" the ball high in the air and let it hit tree branches on the way down.

One more thing... I have discovered Ezekiel prefers to sleep on his face.
Like this:

Not a great habit to get into.

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Kristen McG said...

I love the brown and white striped romper, too. :) Cute little boys you have!! :)