Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So, how has your morning been?

6:00 am - wake up and feed Ezekiel

6:22 am - lay him back down, crawl in bed for another 15 minutes of sleep

6:47 am - crawl out of bed and shower

6:55 am - get dressed; shirt is too wrinkled, decide to change shirts

7:01 am - throw on some makeup, brush hair

7:05 am - pack baby's diaper bag for the day; carry it downstairs

7:10 am - let dog out, feed and water dog

7:16 am - wake Elijah up, discuss that we don't have time for Mommy to build a garage out of blocks for his cars this morning as we are running late

7:18 am - take Elijah to the bathroom - he wants "some privacy"

7:20 am - pick out Elijah's clothes for the day; return to bathroom to help him down; tell him yes, he may take the empty toilet paper roll to Grandma's house to use as a tunnel

7:21 am - dress Elijah in pants that are an inch too short (because he's grown so much!) and a shirt that doesn't match because he MUST wear the yellow one

7:23 am - ask Elijah nicely to go downstairs; locate soft blue blanket to take with us as requested

7:24 am - ask Elijah again to go downstairs; we're really running late

7:24:30 am - scoop Ezekiel up out of his crib and grab an outfit out of his drawer; no time to dress him

7:26 am - TELL Elijah to get his little legs moving downstairs, buddy we're late for goodness sake!

7:27 am - Begin negotiation tactics: yes, he may also bring "Bear" the dog blankie to Grandma's house.

7:28 am - carry baby, baby's outfit, Elijah's soft blue blanket, empty toilet paper roll, and "Bear" the dog blankie downstairs while holding Elijah's hand.

7:31 am - let dog back inside. Put baby in carseat. Listen to Elijah whine about feet being cold.

7:32 am - instruct Elijah to STAY PUT. run upstiars, grab Elijah's shoes, run back downstairs

7:33 am - forgot cell phone! run upstairs again, grab phone, run back downstairs

7:34 am - Elijah is cold - locate sweatshirt, put it on him.

7:35 am - Slide on my flip-flops, carry all our junk out to the car. discover it really is chilly. but no time for socks today!

7:37 am - instruct Elijah to get a move on because now we're really really late. Watch as he bends over to pick up the empty toilet paper roll and bumps his head on the dining room table.

7:38 am - sit baby carrier down by the door. rush to console Elijah. wipe tears. hand him the soft blue blankie.

7:40 am - carry Ezekiel, both blankets and toilet paper roll out to the car while coaching Elijah to hurry up behind me

7:41 am - buckle Elijah in his seat. throw his shoes on the floor and both blankets in on top of him. hand him the toilet paper roll. wipe tears again. kiss cheek. tell him he'll be fine, we can put his shoes on at Grandma's house.

7:43 am - buckle myself in, take a deep breath, start the car...

7:44 am - cell phone rings; it's my sister telling me to bring the movie that needs to be returned to the library.

7:47 am - return to the car after locating the movie, buckle in again, finally make it out of the driveway! (17 minutes late)

7:50 am - you have got to be freaking kidding me... realize that I forgot the baby's milk in the fridge... fight the urge to swear at the top of my lungs! turn the car around and head back home

7:55 am - pull out of my driveway for the second time

8:01 am - arrive at my Mom's house, drop off boys, fill a cup with coffee, and head to work (not obeying the speed limit)

8:11 am - arrive at the office, have to park farther away because some idiot double parked in front of the building, unlock front door, turn around to see the idiot himself approaching. hear him HAVE THE NERVE TO SAY TO ME in a snarky little tone...

"Looks like somebody is running late today!"

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