Saturday, September 4, 2010

dimples and stuff

My boys and I were chipper early this morning after we all got 9.5 hours of sleep!! I think Zeke really has the hang of this all-night sleeping now. (He was 8 weeks yesterday.) So we sat on Elijah's bed and hung out together. Elijah wanted to read. Ezekiel wanted to look at the way the morning sunlight danced across the yellow walls. I wanted to take pictures of them. We all got what we wanted. I was even finally able to snap a couple of Zeke's dimples!

Afterward Zeke took a nap while Elijah and I enjoyed coffee on the deck. I had one cup. He had two. (but his were smaller cups) I wanted to sit on the swing and watch trees sway in the wind around the lake. Elijah wanted to ride his horse Lucky and play with his trucks. We both got what we wanted.

Today we're officially starting cloth diapers. I feel kind of unprepared and amateurish. But I bet I'll figure it out soon. (Any tips from other cloth-diapering moms would be appreciated. Like, how to launder them properly? ahem, *Grace*.)

This afternoon we have a family picnic with ALL the cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. None of them have met Ezekiel yet. I'm excited to show him off. Plus I have quite a few new babies to meet myself. Casi, Lindsay, and Jamie had their babies since I've seen them last. Happy Labor Day weekend to all. The weather is divine and my husband gets off work at 2:30.

It is going to be a good day.

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Kristen McG said...

Is that blue thing a rug? Oh, or a bedspread? Because if it is, I want one. :) I love that first picture with Elijah reading in the background... absolutely perfect!