Saturday, August 21, 2010

then and now

Oh how I love my boys. They sure do look like brothers. Here, check it out.
Elijah at 6 weeks.
Ezekiel at 6 weeks.

They definitely have some resemblance through the forehead and eyes, I think. But their chins and mouths are totally different. Plus Elijah had SO much more hair, and smiled more, but weighed 2 pounds less!

Zeke weighed in today at 13 pounds exactly and is now 24 inches long. (I must have subtracted wrong the other day when I weighed him and thought he was 14 pounds.) Still, that's a BIG boy!

Happy 6 weeks to him. Also, happy 6 weeks to me... (wink wink, Manny).

1 comment:

grace said...

them boys of yours is gonna be heartbreakers in a few years...all them girls gonna wanna them boys! shoooeeeeeeee!