Sunday, August 22, 2010

(more of) My One Hundred Things

41. I hate my birthday - but only because the last several of them have been terrible. Its September 24th. I'll be 32. ugh.
42. I can swim in salt water with my eyes open.
43. I'll admit it - I'm a Twilight fan. But more the books than the movies.
44. I'll also admit I have a huge crush on Robert Pattinson.
45. I only really dated one guy before Manny.
46. I learned to swim before I was a year old.
47. Speaking of swimming; it's my most favorite activity.
48. Shortly after our 2nd wedding anniversary Manny and I hit an incredibly serious rough patch in our marriage. Things were so terrible that we nearly didn't make it through. It was only the grace of God that held us together. Things have never been the same between us after that.
49. I've been to the Dominican Republic 5 times on mission trips. I love that country and almost went to live there (but then I met Manny and plans changed).
50. I am not a "granola" mom. I don't buy organic foods (too expensive!) or deprive my son of junk food and sugar.
51. I am, however, going to cloth diaper this baby.
52. Also I take much satisfaction out of growing any of our foods myself - tomatoes, onions, potatoes, zucchini, blueberries, raspberries, etc. Not because they are organic, but because they are yummier, and cheaper, and fresher. Plus, its fun to garden.
53. I love to dip the following things in ranch dressing: dill pickles, pretzels, and turkey (the real kind, not lunch meat). But I do not usually put ranch on my salads.
54. I don't really like my house. I wish we could sell it and start over.
55. I never learned how to tell time. No... seriously... you can ask my mom. It's true.
56. I have a hard time with wanting to be in control of situations, especially when I should be submitting.
57. What I really need is for my husband to be a good, strong, Godly leader so I can follow him in stead of me trying to be in charge.
58. I've never tried sushi.
59. I always wanted to go to culinary school.
60. I'm a very selfish person. If you don't believe me, ask my husband. I don't like this about myself.
61. I love to read.
62. I used to make a scrapbook for each year we were married. I kept up with it until our 8th anniversary. That's when Elijah was born and things got a little busy.
63. Manny and I had the "marriage talk" when we had known each other only 5 days. We were engaged 25 days later.
64. When I was a senior in high school I played Hatie in the musical "Kiss Me Kate". We were performing a teaser at a school assembly and I totally blanked on my lines. I mean I forgot them like I never knew them at all. The whole thing was such a blur that I'm not even sure how I got off stage. It was awful! Yikes!
65. I have in my hope chest my very first coat from when I was a baby. It's white faux fur with pink trim. So cute! If I ever have a little girl I'll let her wear it.

That's about enough for today. It's time for me to get Elijah's lunch ready and put the 3rd load of laundry on the line before Ezekiel wakes up.


Courtney said...

I love reading these things about you. I'm already looking forward to the next round!

BTW, if/when I have another kid, I'm actually considering cloth diapering as well!

grace said...

so how many days after you were engaged did you get married?

Jilli said...

Isn't 57 true for all of us?!