Thursday, July 8, 2010

happy due date to me

Oh yeah baby! Check out this Momma!

Here's what 40 weeks of gestation looks like on me. Nice, eh?

So for the past 30 hours I've been having some decent contractions. They come irregularly (ranging from 12 - 6 minutes apart) but have become more intense as time has gone on. I spent all day at my parents house with my Grandma, Dad, and Elijah while Manny was at work (at his NEW job by the way!! Praise the Lord!!) just waiting it out. Grandma treated me to lunch at my FAVE Chinese place, then it was just an afternoon of sitting around and trying stay out of the crazy heat.

As of right now (7:30 pm) I haven't been timing them for a while. They seem to be dwindling, but who knows. I really hope some action starts tonight. So I'm going to clean the kitchen, put away a load of laundry, take a shower, shave my legs, paint my toenails, and go to bed early. Who knows if I'll have to get up in the middle of the night!!


Jilli said...

OMG you sound so calm!!!! Good luck girl! Can't wait to see those pics!

Courtney said...

You are just beautiful! I'm so excited to get the news that you're on your way and a baby has arrived!! eek!!! Lots of love your way! xoxo