Thursday, June 17, 2010

That's what he said

Elijah-isms have been pouring at us rapid-fire lately. This kid is so full of funny stuff I can't even keep up with it all. But I've written down a few of my favorite quotes for your entertainment.

When asked to put his cup in the sink, Elijah threw it and hit the window. When I corrected him he said "But Mom, I wanted to make it "woosh" up high in the sky so it could go AIRBORN!!

I don't like these train cars on here. They make derailments!

Mom, you are drinking a smoothie and it will go down in your tummy where my baby brother is. And he will drink some. And he will say yum-umm! --4/25/10

I overheard Elijah tell Manny as he was tucking him in bed: Daddy, I love you with all your heart. --4/26/10

Let's read God's holy word.

On a Sunday morning we were pressed for time so I brought Elijah in the shower with me. He correctly observed: "Oh! Look Mom! My baby brother is taking a shower with us!"

When we found out about baby #2 we told Elijah his brother was coming in the summer time. So this morning when he saw it was warm out he said, "Oh it's a beautiful day! My baby brother will be coming out soon because it's summer time!"

He knelt next to his bed, buried his head between his folded hands, said something I could not understand then came over to me. When I asked what he was doing he said "I'm just waiting for my answer." I asked "what answer?". "Oh, I just asked Jesus to be with me. And see... (he gestured with his hands spread) He's all over the place!"

him: Boing~ Boing~ Boing~ Boing!
me: Elijah, what sound are you making?
him: A penguin on a pogo stick!

Sensing that he had to use the bathroom but was too busy to go inside I suggested he go on the bushes or something. His reply: "I can't go pee on those flowers because my penis is too long for me!" (WHAT?!)

Hey Momma you know, you're my FAVORITE. -- 6/11/10

Hey Mom, my baby brother is in your tummy. I want to take him out and play with him. --6/11/10

Right after I peeled out in the gravel of our driveway. "Woah Momma, you are a fast woman!" -- 6/14/10

Tucking him in at night he was sweetly stroking my forehead. "I love you Momma, you're soft." -- 6/16/10

At my grandparent's house. Me: "Isn't Grandpa silly?" Elijah: "Yeah he's a hoot. A real hoot." -- 6/16/10

Grandma Debby gave me this book because she's my BEST FRIEND! -- 6/17/10

While playing with a dinosaur "Look at this Momma, he's going to chomp chomp chomp my baby brother as soon as he comes out." then he paused thoughtfully... "but Momma, how do we get him out?" -- 6/17/10

Elijah: continually pressing his tongue against his front teeth.
Me: What are you doing with your tongue?
E: Oh, I just... my teeth can't come out.
Me: No they can't. What made you think of that?
E: Well, because Grandpa John can take his teeth out.
Me: Why can't you take your teeth out?
E: Because they are new ones.
Me: And what kind of teeth does Grandpa John have? Old ones?
E: No. Big fat ones!
-- 6/17/10


grace said...

hahaha!!!! these are so great! I love that age! i think its one of my favorites

Anonymous said...

Kids say the silliest things when their young, I remember when my Mom bough little john a Batman costume, he quickly put it on and ran out to the back yard, he looked upset my Mom Grandma Gloria asked him what was wrong, John replied my costume is broken I can’t fly.