Monday, May 3, 2010


A few nights ago I couldn't fall asleep. My mind was turning in circles around the lists of things I needed to do and remember. I stared at the ceiling trying to make myself relax but I couldn't. So I turned the lamp on, grabbed a notebook and pen and started writing down my list.

It started off simple enough....
- return that library book
- mail in my homestead tax form
- pay the plumber's bill
- call a friend about something she borrowed
- renew my car registration
- pre-register at the hospital
- set up a meeting with the doula

But then as I thought, more things came to mind and I couldn't not write them on the list too. Like...
- buy and plant tomatoes
- make curtains for baby's room
- get an extra car seat base for my mom's car
- get Elijah's summer shoes (aka Crocs)
- rake and mulch the flower beds
- buy new miniblinds for baby's room
- shop for nursing tanks (I love the Target ones!)
- clean out the closets
- get out all the baby gear, clothes, etc. and get it washed and ready

And it just kept getting longer and longer. And my mind was still racing. I was operating at full speed. So I figured while I was at it, I might as well start putting down the things I would like to have Manny do (I can always hope)...
- clean out the gutters
- install the kick-plate in the kitchen
- put in an attic fan (before JUNE!)
- clean and detail my car - this is a boy's job if you ask me

And then there are the things that may not happen until this summer...
- name the baby
- pack the hospital bag
- buy a back-up hard drive for all my photos

All this is to say that by the time I was all done - at least with the things that came to mind right then - my list was 54 items and 5 pages long. I think a normal person would feel more burdened having to actually look at all the things they need to do. But I felt relief. At least with a list I have something to work off. I have goals and I can cross them off when I finish them. It feels so good to get that big black sharpie and mark something off! My goal is to have every single item complete by the time this baby is born. Do you think I can do it? I do!

Today alone I accomplished something huge-- I finalized my Hoosier Healthwise registration process. At last! So we're officially insured for the pregnancy, birth, post-pardem, and baby!! Isn't that great!!!???


Anonymous said...


You are a woman of many talents and I believe in you.
You can do it!!

Kristen McG said...

PRaise God for Hoosier Healthwise, huh? It's been a life saver for us!! I hear you on the list making. And man, does it feel good to cross it all off. :)

Jeri said...

Glad to hear you qualify for Hoosier Healthwise!! That will be a huge relief when the baby is born! I make a list every week....I have keeps me sane! Miss ya!!!