Monday, May 17, 2010

Checking in at 32 weeks + 4 days

52 days until my "due" date... which, by the way, I still take very lightly. I am getting excited about this time around because I'm planning an unmedicated birth. Reading lots of literature and meeting with my doula so I really hope to have the birth plan finished soon. It will be pretty simple I think.

I've been having freaky dreams lately. Last night it was an outright nightmare. I dreamed that someone drugged me unconscious, admitted me to the hospital against my will, did a c-section, took my baby and told me when I woke up that I was still pregnant but it would take another 10 months to have the baby because they miscalculated my due date. But I knew someone had taken my baby and I was crying and looking for him. So the nurses told me he wasn't my baby in the first place... that I had stolen him and they only took him to give him back to the rightful parents. It was horrible, I tell you!

My hips have started to ache. Like they are trying to disconnect themselves from their sockets. It's worse as the day goes on and sometimes keeps me up at night. You'd think that resting in bed would help, but it doesn't. When I lay on my side (because I always have to lay on my side) the hip on top just aches something awful. And I get myself all propped up with pillows between this, and under that. I wish I had a recliner to sleep in because that's the most comfortable position I can find. Oh well. I don't want to whine because it's almost over and I want to try my hardest to enjoy the end of the pregnancy.

Emotionally I'm feeling alright. As long as I don't think about the fact that my husband is still unemployed (aahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!), and my dad is really really sick, and I don't get any (NO NOT ANY) paid maternity leave. Other than that, things are just super-dee-duper.

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grace said...

the hips! oh the hips!!!!!!!!!!!!
That's my agreement and contribution