Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

Don't you love the black eye?

Manny and me
2-year-olds are so hard to photograph

kissy kissy
Elijah with Grandpa and Grandma
me and my cousin Jamie - both 26 weeks pregnant
Oh, and by the way... Elijah got the absolute awesomest Easter present ever from my mom and dad. This Jeep! His reaction: "This Jeep is really really cool. It's the best Jeep I ever saw!" Unfortunately, the battery died before he had the chance to make it go. So he still has no idea he can ride it around the yard. So far he's just played in it and checked under the hood about a gazillion times. He loves it so much he would not go to sleep last night. He kept talking about how he can't wait to ride it. He has no idea what's in store once the battery charges up!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Family, looks like you’ll be having egg salad sandwiches for a few days.