Thursday, April 22, 2010

29 Weeks

Happy 29 weeks to...
Ezekiel ?
... Asher ?
... ... Judah ?
... ... ... Reuben ?

People, it's possible we may have it narrowed down to 4. I believe we're getting closer to a decision. The middle name is really going to be a challenge though.

So here's something that's been worrying/bothering me lately. I have a strange and different pain in my belly. Not like the normal stretching and heavy feeling. It's above my bellybutton and toward the right side. If my round belly were a clock it would be right about 11 o'clock. What has me thinking is that the pain doesn't subside when he moves to another location. Normally if there is pressure somewhere it will let up once he moves. But no. It has the same sort of sensation as a torn muscle. I've never had a hernia or anything like that so I don't know if it's that sort of feeling. But it's constant, and feels more painful when he does kick or roll over onto that side. Come to think of it, it feels like a bruise on the inside. But I don't recall any particularly big blows to my insides that would cause a bruise. Anyway, this is the 4th day I've noticed it. I don't go to the Dr. again for a week. So I'll see if it gets worse and make a phone call if I need to. Does anyone know what this might be?

On a different subject. I think I may have found my doula. A friend from church is working on becoming one so technically she's not certified or anything. But she's got experience and a lot of helpful information. And I really love the idea of having a non-family member there who can coach me through it, help with relaxation, and advocate when I'm in the middle of labor. I'm pretty excited about that. I still haven't come up with a birth plan, but I have lots of ideas. The next appointment with my actual doctor is a month from now. So I have time to figure out what I want before meeting with her again.

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