Monday, March 15, 2010

Tornado Two's

I was going to do my typical "ordinary moment" post today. But, boy oh boy, has my little Elijah been a whirlwind. I had to bring him into the office with me this morning because my Mom was here and before I even got logged into my computer he was raring to go! I think I'm going to coin a new phrase in place of "terrible two's". I'm naming this phase the "tornado two's".

Man, this kid is really testing limits these days! Some days I wonder if any of this discipline is doing one bit of good. But I've determined to keep enforcing the rules no matter how many times he breaks them (or how cute he looks up at me after having colored his face with a black Sharpie). Children need rules - they need limits - and they need to know that when we say do not speak disrespectfully to your parents (just for example, not that my son is ever disrespectful! ha.), that we really and truly mean it. And by golly, do I mean it!

We recently got "If - Then" charts from doorposts [dot] com. And I love having them! For one thing it's good for Manny and I to be consistent - same punishment every time no matter who is dishing out consequences. Plus I think maybe having a visual reminder of what punishment goes with which offense has helped him. I'm just hoping we see some progress soon so I don't lose heart.

Anyway, that is not what I wanted to write about today. What I wanted to do is share some photos of what my morning looked like with my little helper here at the office.

When he takes a payment we're not really sure where the money goes.

Seriously. He answers the phone "Allstate. Elijah speaking."

And maybe, if I can, upload a funny video later. We shall see.

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grace said...

sharpie...ahhh the sharpie.
my littles loooveeeee sharpies.

ps. I think he'd make a great allstate agent ^_^