Tuesday, March 9, 2010

little funnies

At my office sometimes we get samples of ink pens with our company name on them that are trying to solicit our business. My dad is also in charge of ordering pens for our church, so occasionally we get ones with the church name on them. In today's mail I got a pen that says "Faith Bible Church. Quality Service You Deserve". I think that's funny.

In my purse I have an orange matchbox size grader, which for those of you who aren't familiar, is a piece of heavy equipment used in road building. Around our house we can tell you anything you need to know about heavy equipment. Seriously. I know you are jealous.

Every once in a while I like to reflect upon some of the silly, funny, surprising things my sweet little Elijah does. You know, just for the record. In case he turns 16 and needs to be blackmailed for some reason. I used to write this stuff down in his baby book, but alas he's not a baby any more. And also, the book had gotten too full! :) What you're about to read is true. Believe it or not.

A few weeks ago he found a shopping bag in the kitchen and said "Oh oh Mom, I wanna save money and live better at Wal-Mart."

Yesterday morning it was foggy out. The kind where you can't see your car in your driveway. But it was warm enough to play outside. So while I made banana pancakes for breakfast (my favorite!) I offered to let Elijah play on the deck. His reply: "Oh no Mom. I can't. This fog is too lazy."

He got a spanking for disobedience recently. After he stopped crying he looked at me and said "That hurt my bottom. Oh, Oh Mommy, can you make my bottom feel really really good?"

Yesterday afternoon the sun finally came out so we were enjoying some play time outside. But he was ready for a nap and kept getting frustrated with his toys. So I called him to come over to where I was sitting on the swing. "Elijah, please come over to Mommy and tell me what's bothering you." Without missing a beat he replied: "I just don't know what to tell you mom."

Last night after dinner Manny and I were still sitting at the table talking while Elijah played with cars on the floor. In the midst of telling his bulldozer which way to pick a race car he stopped. He shook his head and said, "What a day. What a day I had." Thank you very much Dr. Seuss.

During our pre-bedtime ritual we usually read books on his bed. Laying side by side he noticed my (growing) belly sticking out from under my shirt. "Where's the baby?" he asked. "He's still in my tummy. Do you want to feel him kick?" I said. "Yeah!! [patting and rubbing sweetly] Hi, baby brother. I want to talk to you and play cars with you."

In the car this morning I overheard a little commentary as we drove past a house with toys in the yard: "Oh, how sad. Somebody's little red truck tipped over in the mud."

At my Mom's house this morning as we were exiting the car. "Look Mom way way up in that tree. What's that? A womanpecker?" Confused, I asked "A what honey?" Looking up to see. "Oh oh, that red bird. A womanpecker." he said. "Oh, I see. But that's not a woodpecker, it's a cardinal."

There's more. Oh so much more. Because he says or does something funny pretty much every 60 seconds. But I can't keep up with the kid! So this is the end. For now.

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