Tuesday, March 30, 2010

25 Week Doctor Visit

I saw Dr. Brown this morning. Have I mentioned that I really like her? Well I do.

Today was the lovely blood glucose test. Which means bloodwork. Which means a needle in my arm getting shoved this way and that, trying to find a decent vein, because by the way, my veins are so tiny in my arm they have to use a children's needle, and even then the blood flow stops half way through one vile and she has to "wiggle" it some to get a better spot. All of which means - PAIN - nausea, and blacking out a little bit on my part. So yeah, despite that gigantic run-on sentence, suffice it to say I do not enjoy having bloodwork done.

Nevertheless, it was an uneventful visit. The baby was squirming so much (probably from the massive quantity of sugar I had to ingest) that while she had the doplar on my tummy you could actually hear a little thu-wump sound when he kicked against the microphone and you could see it move!

Should I name him Sampson?

I have to start going every two weeks now. I'm just a few days from the beginning of the 3rd trimester! Crazy to think! Oh, and next visit I have to get a RoGam shot because my blood type is O-.

Here are my stats this time:
blood pressure: 123/78 (fine)
weight gain: +2.5 (that's +1.5 overall)
measuring: 25 cm (right on target)

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