Friday, February 5, 2010

Just a good day.

First of all, I need to simplify my blog. There is just way too much going on here.

Today Elijah and I had an awesome day. He only earned 3 spankings, all day. Which is a record as of late. Normally 3 is the number of spankings he earns in an hour. After the first one he prayed and asked Jesus to help him obey today. I suppose his prayer was answered.

But beside the lack of spankings, we just had a great time together today. We ran errands this morning and since he was so well behaved I let him eat chicken nuggets and fries for lunch, then play at the mall play place for a while. He was so excited when he saw that we were pulling into the mall parking lot. He said "Oh, oh Mommy! I know where this is. I'm going to play with all my friends!" When actually he didn't know anyone there. But that never stopped a toddler from playing his heart out. He doesn't know the difference between his best friend and a complete stranger. I guess he's right though. Once you've seen one running, jumping, climbing little boy you've seen them all.

I love two-and-a-half. Really I do. (Despite the crack-down on discipline these days.) I'm just enjoying him so much as a person. His personality is getting funnier. He's so clever and comes up with the most interesting perspective. He is SUPER inquisitive. "Hey Mommy, what's this?" "Mommy, can you show me how this works?" "Mommy, can you talk about tractors?" etc. He plays so industriously, coming up with new ways to put things together or make things work. He's always busy with a project. Busy busy busy!! And he challenges me like nothing ever has.

Anyway, you get the idea. I'm pretty crazy about that little guy. I wonder how it will be possible for me to love this new baby that much? It seems like I'm full to capacity with affection. Can my heart hold any more? I'm sure it can. But still, I can't imagine how.

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