Tuesday, January 12, 2010

14 weeks + 5 days

Woah, already 14 weeks + 5 days!!

I am so thankful that I no longer feel nausea all day and all night. At worse I feel run down and achy at the end of the day for a couple hours. But this I can totally handle compared to how I felt 2 weeks ago. Praise the Lord for the 2nd trimester, for sure!!

I can already feel the bottom of my abdomen getting hard. (Does that sound gross? I hope not.) I read that by week 12 the baby/ uterus starts to expand up above the pelvic bones, so that's why I can feel it now. This is an exciting development.

Additionally, the only single pair of jeans that still fit me kicked the bucket yesterday. I have worn them every day for going on 3 weeks now. Yes, I've washed them in between. But one of the knees ripped out and I'm really mad. You have no idea how attached you become to an item of clothing when it's the only that fits you. So now it looks like I have no choice but to start wearing the maternity pants. Dang it. (pssst, C. I need that pair of khakis back please!)

Oh yeah, and I think I might take another belly shot next week.

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