Monday, November 2, 2009

The belly shot heard 'round the world

This morning I took my first "belly shot". A photo of myself sideways in the bathroom mirror.

Let me just say that:

a) I know I'm not "showing" yet.
b) Why has my Elijah belly not gone back to its original shape? Everything has shifted downward and seems not to want to come back up.
c) Not cute.
d) No one, and I mean NO ONE will be viewing those pictures beside me.
e) I only took them for comparative purposes.
f) When will I start this glowing that everyone raves about?

Today I feel good. My appetite seems to be managable. My thirst... not so much. No headache or body aches either. Only thing is that my boobs are feeling very heavy. (TMI?) So its a good day thus far.

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