Friday, August 28, 2009

If it's not one thing...


I think there are times in life when lots and lots of bad news hits you all at once. I'm fixin' to unload some heavy stuff here. Be warned.

My Mom's brother-in-law (her sister's husband) passed away this morning. He had been diagnosed earlier this summer with terminal liver cancer. The family kind of expected this, but not so soon. We do not think he was a believer, so it is more sad.

My uncle's (my dad's brother) fiancee was diagnosed with very aggressive cancerous brain tumors earlier this week. From what they said, it so severe that she was released from the hospital so she could be more comfortable at home. She is quite young, also not a believer, and does not have much time. Very very sad.

Kristen 's 6-month-old baby Cate was diagnosed with Long QT Syndrome this week (a heart condition). But that's not the most heart-breaking part... her young teenage brother, JD has had cancer in his brain. But they found out this week that it has also gone to the spinal column. This family needs our prayers. So please friends, please lift them up.

Times like this I find it difficult to understand God's ways. I know He is always in perfect control over ALL things. He will never leave or forsake His own. But it's so hard to see it through the storms.

Today I am grateful... no that word would never suffice... I am so far beyond grateful for the health of my family, especially my little boy. The Lord has been exceedingly gracious to us in that. He sustains us, each breath and heartbeat. Amazing, amazing grace indeed.

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Anonymous said...

You don't know me, but I read your blog. You have my prayers, all of you do.

Becca age 16