Saturday, June 20, 2009

Freedom Festival

Thursday around mid-day Elijah, my Grandma, and I took to Evansville's river front to enjoy some freedom festivities... which included the following: a parade of emergency and military vehicles (Elijah's FAVORITE), a real navy ship, a Blackhawk helicopter, a military band, a picnic lunch in the shade, sun, water, water, and more water. I think my Grandma and I had as much fun playing as Elijah did.

It was a perfect summer afternoon. At first we thought we had missed the parade, so we strolled along the riverfront to check out the sights. After deciding it was hot enough to let Elijah strip down and splash in the fountain, we made our way in that direction. But as soon as we started playing we noticed the parade going on right next to us. As it turned out, we had the best seats in the house to see it all! And we didn't have to wait or leave our cool spot either. :)

After about an hour of playing, we decided to take a lunch break. I walked over and got some Chick-fil-a and we found a great little shady spot under some trees on the lawn of the Old National Bank building (right next to the fountains) to spread out our picnic and relax. It was so cool, breezy, and shady in fact, that Elijah almost drifted off to dream land... almost.

Of course, he remembered the fountains and quickly got his second wind. We splashed around for another hour or so before calling it a day. But not before I captured lots and lots of photos. :)

After all that excitement, Elijah crashed for a good nap when we got home. Since my Grandpa was out of town for a golfing trip, the two of us stayed the night with Grandma. Manny joined us for a nice light dinner on the back porch. It had been such a HOT day that we all just needed a good salad so I whipped up my famous Mandarin Orange Salad. (click the link for the recipe) Ummm. Perfect.

And now, please enjoy (a lot of) photographic proof of the great day we had...

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Dreamer4agift said...

What a great day! He really is beautiful (like you didn't know). Maybe next year we can take them to play in the water together:-)