Tuesday, March 31, 2009

his sweetness

Some days my little boy does things that flood my heart with love a hundred times more than normal. Like when he wants to cuddle a few minutes longer, or asks for one more hug, or one more goodnight song, or softly touches my face with his chubby fingers as I'm rocking him to sleep, or wraps his arms around my legs while looking up at me singing "Momma, I love you", or pitter-patters across the floor to give me a slobbery wet kiss.

Being his Momma is such a blessing. Hundreds of examples, thousands of photos, and dozens of blog posts cannot do my love for him justice. I think you just have to be a Momma to understand what I mean.

Yesterday I nearly melted where I stood when he presented me with two of the most beautiful gifts I've ever received.

He walked into the office, tiny fists at his side, clutching two fragrant purple hyacinths. Picked with love, and mangled to bits by his earnest desire to hold them tight until he could reveal them to me. When I poured out my approval to him, his beautiful face lit up and he could barely keep from dancing (ok, maybe he did shake it a little). He showed me how to sniff them and I squeezed him and kissed all over his face with appreciation.

Sometimes I think the giver of the gift is the one who's most fulfilled.
The giving is the sweetest part.

And sometimes, like this time, a Momma feels like she's died and tasted a teeny crumb of Heaven.

But only just a little one.

Because the real Heaven will have so much more than this.
And my mind can hardly imagine what that might be.

But for now, here's my little piece of Heaven on earth.

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